10 Must Have Gear for Round the World Travel

1. A legit small Backpack
The main goal when traveling around the world is mobility. Having multiple suitcases or an 80 Liter pack is just going to be a nightmare no matter where you end up. Aside from the hassle of carrying it, it can get lost and cost you an average of 25$ to check in at almost every airport. Learn to live with the bare minimum & the smaller your pack is the better. Ideally, you should be able to bring the pack as a carry-on, this will make air travel a breeze. Recommendation to go a max of 65L.

2. Smart Phone
No, I will not recommend carrying a smartphone for social media network but yes to have top 10 travel apps on your phone while traveling around the world. You can face time with family, easily find transportation, cheap accommodation, and maybe even make money while you travel. Of all the things in my pack I definitely use my phone the most. If I were you, I would get an unlocked one with a decent camera and it can be the most versatile thing in your pack.

3. Universal outlet adapter
One of the most useful items in my pack, I would also recommend getting a 2 outlet power strip.

4. Poncho / Pack Cover
Ponchos are awesome & just make sure that the one you buy can cover your pack. Weather is unpredictable, and you don’t want all of your things to get wet and smell. If your poncho doesn’t cover it, you can also get a pack cover.

5. Daypack
Something collapsible is great. Once you find a place to stay you won’t want to carry all of your things with you everywhere you go. A small bag can be helpful for carrying things that you need that you don’t want to stick in your pockets.

*Pro tip: put the frizz-bee between your notebook and your back to keep it from getting wet when you are hiking around all day.

6. (Female specific) Diva cup or Menstrual Cups
Female reusable time-of-the-month product. Our cycle doesn’t stop during the travel and it is extra to carry the disposable napkins and tampons. Diva cup is a silicon cup which can be easily inserted. You can wear up to 12 hours, reusable by simple wash, environmentally friendly.

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7. (Female specific) Sarong
One Sarong can transform to countless use such as skirt, pants, dress, scarf, top, light blanket, day bag, and many more! It is also easy to wash and dry. I use my sarong every day and enjoy the different style of use by Google search and youtube video.

8. Mosquito Net
If you like to visit more to the countryside with nature rather than the city, so as mosquitoes! Net saves so many sleepless nights and itchy skins by mosquito’s bits. It folds it to fairly compact and I also carry couple pins and clips to hang it on a wall.

9. Solar Power Light & Power Bank
You can carry head lights or flashlight, but we recommend anything solar power rather than batteries with obvious reason of repeatedly purchasing the battery and also carrying the spares. I have this Luci light which is, of course, a solar charge and inflatable. It has been very useful in when we go to camping and going to an outside toilet at night etc.. Flashlight on your phone would work as well.


10. Down (bubble) Jacket
You can avoid winter in cold season, but sometimes you just do not know. Having one warm jacket would make you worry free. Bubble jacket is light, compact, waterproof and warm!

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10 Must Have Gear for Round the World Travel

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