10 Simple Vaseline Uses & Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Hey Guys!

I am back with another hack blog post of an amazing product which we all have in our home but don’t know its versatility – Vaseline.

Check out 10 simple tips & tricks with Vaseline:-

1. Keeps The Perfume Intact

Rub some Vaseline on your wrist, on the base of your neck, & behind your ears then spray your perfume as usual. The perfume will last longer & you will smell fresh all day long.

2. Thicker & Growing Lashes

Grab some Vaseline on your spoolie & rub it on your lashes for a less messy, shiny & luminous look.

3. Prevents dry opening of a Nail Paint Lid

We always fight while opening a dry lid of a nail paint because it gets stuck due to dryness & stickiness of a nail paint. It especially happens in the winter season, do not worry guys! Vaseline is the ultimate lubricant, rub it on the outer side of the neck of a nail paint bottle for a super easy opening of the bottle for the next time when you use it.

4. Perfect For A Manicure

Applying perfect nail paint is an art & we can make it perfect by applying a coat of Vaseline on the sides of your nails before applying a nail paint. It helps nail paint not to buzz out & you get a flawless manicure.

5. Get A Sleek Ponytail or Tackling with Baby Hair in a Ponytail

Ever wonder how your favorite Bollywood to celebrate gets that low/high ponytail look. Well, that’s the hell lot of baby hair which talks. Uff! Now, instead of using all those chemicals onto your hair, just rub some Vaseline onto your scalp or on your baby hair & get a sleek ponytail. It doesn’t even damage your hair & its a super healthy alternative.

6. Tame Your Eye-Brows

Get a sleeker & more define look with the help of Vaseline. Dab a spoolie or an eyebrow brush in the Vaseline Jar & rub it to smooth your arches.

7. Conceal Your Split Ends

Take out some Vaseline & apply onto your split ends. It helps in concealing your split ends & does not damage your hair at all.

8. Remove Lipstick

You can easily remove your lipstick without using those chemicals like makeup remover by applying a coat on your lips & remove the lipstick with a facial tissue.

9. Protect Hairline while Colouring Hair

Put some Vaseline on left ear look to right ear look along your hairline. It helps you to stop spreading color onto your skin & it also moisturized your skin.

10. Create Luminous Foundation

If you think your skin is looking a lil bit dull especially in winter season then all you have to do is take some Vaseline & mix it with your foundation to get a luminous foundation effect.

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  1. Awesome tricks I would like to follow right now, I’m a simple girl who is not used to any styles. now it’s time to do the best.

10 Simple Vaseline Uses & Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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