10 Things That You Miss The Most While Traveling The World

Travelling is an amazing experience, and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to take it. But it’s not all beautiful sunsets and beaches. There are hard and stressful times too, and many things you will miss from home, here are 10 things I miss:

  1. Friends

An obvious but an important one. You will make friends whilst traveling, but usually, these friends only last a few days or weeks before you have to say goodbye, this isn’t to say they aren’t important or good. But they cannot replace the friends you have grown up with and known for years.

  1. Family

Another obvious one, but nothing can replace family, there is no getting around this one. You will soon learn that WhatsApp and Skype are vital tools to keep in touch!

  1. Routine

Some hate routine and love living a sporadic life, others enjoy having a routine. Unfortunately for the latter, travel doesn’t usually follow a routine, life will be different each week.

  1. Working

There is nothing quite like working to make you value your free time, something you have plenty of whilst traveling. You won’t always be visiting places or doing cool activities, so it’s quite easy to become bored with so much free time.

  1. Exercising

It’s not feasible to find a gym in every new location you are in. This can be overcome having a workout that doesn’t require any equipment, but even then, there might not be a good place to do this. Be prepared to just workout when and where you can.

  1. Food

This is one of the best parts of travel, trying new food. But there comes a time when you (and your stomach!) just want a taste of home. If you are lucky you can find local restaurants that serve exactly what you want, usually at a higher price compared to local dishes. Or if you have cooking facilities you can usually find ingredients that you know.

  1. Drink

Much like food, you may be craving a drink that you are familiar with, and the solution is the same. But when it comes to alcohol some countries have some very strict rules, dry days, or it may only be available in specific shops, be ready to go without!

  1. Media

This sounds pathetic, but it’s quite easy to get sick of the music and television in different places. Especially on those long journeys with the crappy radio blasting! Remember to pack some headphones for a sound of home.

  1. Familiar Surroundings

Not knowing where anything is can be very stressful, constantly thinking of where you will next eat, catch the bus, or even just finding a toilet can be hard! It will take its toll, but proper research will help.

  1. Owning a Car

Freedom, this is something owning your own car or bike gives you. Unless you are on a road trip you will always be relying on someone else getting you from A to B, which in some places is scary within itself (like rush hour in Delhi!)

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10 Things That You Miss The Most While Traveling The World

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