Why Travel Insurance is Important? 5 Common Misconceptions

I am sure you all must not be having a car without a car insurance, a home without a home insurance then why to have a trip without a travel insurance. A travel insurance can cover medical coverage when you get sick or you met an accident, reimbursement when your flight is cancelled or delayed, or a family member dies while you are on your trip, if you lost a bag, or something is stolen, or some third party property is damaged by you during your travel. It’s all-purpose emergency coverage and a travel insurance is the only important thing that you should always get for your trip but hope to never have to use it. To save a few dollars, we regret later being cheap and not getting it!

Personally, I found Religare Health Insurance is one of the best travel insurance which commits to explore the world without a worry!

Religare Health Insurance policy includes the following provisions:-

  • Hospitalization Cover & Pre-Existing Disease Coverage.
  • Double Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization.
  • Covers Dental Expenses incurred in connection with any injury while you are on your trip.
  • Trip-Delay, or cancellation, or any sort of interruption.
  • Loss of Passport, or Loss of Baggage.
  • Up-gradation to Business Class.
  • Covers expenses damage to the third party property during your trip.

Lets talk about the misconceptions that people have for travel insurance:-

1. Is travel insurance just a health insurance?

No, travel insurance is much more than a health insurance. As there are coverage for medical needs & non-medical needs as well such as sudden illnesses and accidental injuries, trip cancellation, trip interruptions, loss of any accessory or baggage or passport, or any emergency transportation that you may need to get to the nearest hospital fast.

2. Can I get treated for an illness I already have under the travel insurance?

Yes, Religare Health Insurance covers pre-existing medical coverage in case of Life-Threatening Conditions.

3. What if I got drunk and hurt myself. Will I be covered by travel insurance?

No, expenses that occurred out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse or abuse will not be get covered by Religare Insurance.

4. Does travel insurance cover me in my home country?

Yes, Religare Health Insurance covers your medical needs & treatments in home country as well. But actually depends on your policy because there are always conditions on when the coverage starts and ends.

5. I’m a senior (an age of 89 years old). What should I do?

Most the insurance companies don’t cover seniors as they view them at a high risk. But Religare Travel Insurance covers older travelers to a comprehensive coverage with good policies.

Be smart and get coverage.

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Why Travel Insurance is Important? 5 Common Misconceptions

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