Hey Fellas,

I know, you will be wondering what does newfangled means? Who is this Newfangled Girl?

Aha..there is no need to go to a dictionary newfangled means newest or say fashionable or you can call it as a contemporary 😉 Yeah, I know it’s never too late to have a blog. Through this blog I am going to talk about lifestyle. Style is something which everyone needs. No matter if you are a girl or a guy!

I am a Full time Blogger & Digital Marketing – Social Media Consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Where do you live?
Ans: I live in Gurgaon, India.

Which camera do you use?
Ans: I use smartphone camera Honor 4x, MotoG3 and DSLR Nikon 5100, 5300, D750 for photoshoot.

What do you do for living?
Ans: Besides blogging, I work as Digital Marketing Consultant.

Who takes your photos?
Ans: Sometimes my friends, sometimes professional photographer.

For How long have you been blogging?
Ans: I started blogging on April 2013.

What is your style philosophy?
Ans: I am a Sagittarius and following their traits, I am always look out to make my life lively and challenging.
I am a different person everyday and when it comes to fashion, I love experimenting with my looks and wardrobe. I am like a free bird that’s why I have a tattoo of a bird which defines me as a free bird.

What is the story behind your blog name?
Ans: At that time, when I finally had the courage to start my own blog I wanted it to be original with some craze & trendy name also a word which defines me. After the brainstorm, “Newfangled” strikes my mind which means “different from what one is used to“.

I will keep adding more lines about me on this page as my experience of writing blog is going to teach me a lot about life & will gain my experience of being a blogger.

Hope to meet wonderful minds through this!!

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