Hey, I know, you must be wondering what does newfangled means? Who is this Newfangled Girl?

Aha..there is no need to go to a dictionary; Newfangled means newest or say contemporary 😉 & through this blog, I am going to talk about lifestyle & travel journey. I am a Full-time Blogger & Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant

I started blogging in April 2013 & since I am a Sagittarius and following their traits, I am always looking out to make my life lively and challenging. I am a different person every day and when it comes to lifestyle, I believe in an easy & healthy lifestyle. I am like a free bird that’s why I have a tattoo of a bird which defines me as a free bird.

The story behind my blog name is at that time when I finally had the courage to start my own blog I wanted it to be original with some craze & trendy name also a word which defines me. After the brainstorm, “Newfangled” strikes my mind which means “different from what one is used to“.

I will keep adding more lines about me on this page as my experience of writing blog is going to teach me a lot about life & will gain my experience of being a blogger.

If you want to hire a blogger then you can reach me at astha.newfangledgirl@gmail.com

Social Media Handles:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/astha.newfangledgirl/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/newfangledgirl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/newfangled_girl

Hope to meet wonderful minds through this!!

DISCLAIMER: All products/services used or stated in my blogs/vlogs are products/services that I love and use myself. Some products/ services/ videos could be sponsored but please know that I would only recommend or promote a product/service if I love it and only if I would want any of my friends or family to use. Brands/ services/ products that I don’t like will never be featured in any of my blogs/vlogs.


1. 50% payment is required in advance.

2. All Payments must be included 18% of GST.

3. No affiliates & links to porn or spam sites.

4. Please allow us 2-3 weeks for the product review to be posted.

5. Kindly remit the payment within the due date of invoice.

6. In case of failure, interest at the rate of 18% p.a. will be charged.

7. Make all amount payable to Astha Jain

In case of any query, please contact me at astha@newfangledgirl.com

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