All You Need To Know Before You Go for the Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a cute word which carries out a lot of excitement for the lovebirds. I am sure for everyone, the planning a honeymoon turns out to be a little bit stressful (though it should be hasslefree holidays) and everyone seeks for tips from every possible source like family, friends & relatives.

So, here is the honeymoon planning checklist for Just-Married Couple which includes some useful tips and travel hacks as well:-

1.  Plan Together

One should plan a honeymoon trip together because honeymoon plays a vital role imperative to begin a new journey of a lifetime on a romantic cum friendly note and you start getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

So, if you’re an architecture adorer & your partner is an adventure enthusiast then you can choose a place which is a perfect blend of nature, architecture, adventure, and romance. Hence, make sure you’re equally involved as your better half in all the planning process.

2.  Plan Everything in a Time-Frame

There are so many things to plan from booking the flights to accommodations with complete itinerary which needs to be taken care of months ago while you can start packing for your trip.

Pro Tips:

  • Research well and read the travel blogs as much as you can & gather all the information from first-hand experiences of couples.
  • Fix a budget for your trip & decide an offbeat honeymoon destination based on mutual interests.
  • Apply for visa and get all the documents ready including travel insurance.
  • Carry a first aid kit with basic necessities & all your meds if you have any health problem.
  • Shopping for honeymoon is a necessity. Always remember to pack light including the techie equipment.
  • For international trips, get your local currency converted into US dollars reason being the foreign exchange rates for the US dollar are great everywhere.

3.  Plan A Surprise For Her & Him

I must say you will enjoy planning a surprise on your honeymoon for him or her. Let me give you an idea how a couple can make it special for each other.

For Him: You can try gifting some of the best wine gifts for guys who likes to drink wine. So, the idea is to get a wooden box engraved with his name on it, put a bottle of great taste wine in it with a rose.

For Her: You can try gifting one of the best lingerie for her. Gifting a sexy nighty or a night dress for the honeymoon is a great idea for every man in the World. I am sure she will love it & this will be your plus as it will help you to turn on & saucy. 🙂

You can also plan for a romantic candle-lit dinner by the beach which will become your everlasting memory for a lifetime.

4.  Smart & Light Packing Tips

Do not forget to carry a small backpack or a travel pouch to keep all your documents like tickets, passports, visa information, international driving license, and identity proofs & some local cash in place. Download necessary travel apps which will help you for getting in and around the city. If you are traveling to a hilly place then keep your Jackets, shrugs, and cardigans; trekking shoes (if you have planned for a trek), flip-flops, and a pair of heels; sunglasses. If you honeymoon planned destination is a beach destination then carrying sunscreen and an umbrella becomes a must.

5.  Compare & Check on Different Travel Portals

If you are looking for the best honeymoon packages online then it can be a tiresome task for you which needs a lot of research and comparison with different portals like:

  • Popular places to visit
  • Famous things to do
  • Best time to visit
  • Ideal duration & weather conditions
  • What to pack & where to stay
  • Where to eat & how to get around

After comparing it make sure you check for online offers and discounts that you may avail. Luckily, honeymooners usually upgrades in hotels and flights. 🙂

When all this is done then don’t forget to capture forever memories which will grace the walls of your home and help you to cherish your honeymoon memories for a lifetime.

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All You Need To Know Before You Go for the Honeymoon

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