How To Deal With Painful Period While Travelling

No girl wants to be sick or in pain when they’re busy globetrotting, no girl wants to clench their stomachs and walk as if someone had and is still punching them in the guts especially not while they need to go on a trek down that beautiful mesmerizing jungle.

Are you worried that you might get your period during your trip to Thailand? Are you going ballistic thinking you might end up staying in bed while everyone is busy frolicking around in Malaysia? Painful periods are usually accompanied by mood swings, bloated, tender breasts, and many other symptoms.

Well, worry not as we have come up a few ways to help our gals.

Bring your choice of painkillers:

Painkillers are a great way of calming down those nasty back and abdominal pains as they have a good amount of paracetamol in it, however, be sure to eat something before consuming them. Also, do not consume more than 8 pills per day. Try to only take painkillers for the first or second day of your period only and only after consulting with your doctor, as these magic pills do have some negative side effects.

Buy a Back Brace Belt from your local Pharmacy or Online:

You might not be heard of this before but believe me, this helps a lot in decreasing someone’s back and lower pain. Basically, this device is made to help lessen the pressure and strain towards your spine plus helps in making you feel more comfortable while walking or sitting.

Drink plenty of Herbal Teas:

There are many accessible herbal teas that are good for menses and ladies. You can easily get your hands on ginger tea at your local store to ease those cramps. If you don’t like the taste of ginger, try raspberry leaves tea, rose or fennel to help soothe the pain down. Herbal teas need to be drunk daily and especially during your menses for it to actually work. So, do bring your herbal tea sachets when traveling.

Download a Period – Tracking App on your phone:

It’s important for ladies to monitor and track their monthly cycle. It is really hassled free with the help of period tracking apps that you can download via Apple Store or Play Store. There are many good ones that will remind you when your period is due so that you can prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Surprise periods can be a real downer especially when you’re not prepared at all and not to forget tough on the laundry as well. Some of the best period tracking apps are Period Tracker, Clue, Spot On and etc.

Get yourself some Heating Pads:

A heating pad is a small heat wrap that covers your abdomen area, it is super easy to pack it along with your clothes while traveling. They stick to your skin perfectly and is hidden underneath your clothes. Usually, one of these heating wraps or pads can last up to 8 hours easily alleviating your abdominal pain. It is for one-time use and painless to remove.

Lastly, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle regularly to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. To make sure you’re as fit as a fiddle, you need to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, eating right, exercising often and cutting down on drinking alcohol plus smoking.

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How To Deal With Painful Period While Travelling

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