Smell Fresh All Day With Neesh Best Pocket Perfumes

“Fragrance and Love cannot be hidden!”

A fragrance that makes a person feel young and passionate for good life.
Today, I am gonna talk about India’s first Attar based perfume brand – NEESH. A perfect perfume for starting the excellent day and which completes the personality of every woman. They have come up with an impressive idea of oriental and floral fragrances that are thoroughly portable and pockets friendly so that one can feel fresh all day long!

I have my favorite 5 fragrances from Neesh World and keeping in mind the fragrance, the creative names have been allotted to their different smells.

1. Sultana

It comes up with striking dark aromatic notes which indirectly speaks of bravery and attitude of a woman.

2. Rose-E-Mohabatt

It has the rosy-fresh smell which will make you fall in love and its components are honeysuckle, saffron, rose, and lavender with base note musk and amber.

3. Oud-De-Venice

The perfect fragrance for a romantic evening which has an intense and regal composition of fruity, floral, and spicy as cinnamon with a deep scent of amber.

4. Belle-d-Oud

Recommended for Wedding Day or any special occasion which has a modern composition of Honey, berry and Iran Saffron. Its fresh aroma activates and energizes your mind.

5. Amour de Oud

Amour de Oud perfume is the best fragrance for college going girls which come up with musk and dark aromatic notes which highlight your personality.

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Smell Fresh All Day With Neesh Best Pocket Perfumes

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