Social Media Addiction! What Really Happens To You During A Digital Detox?

How Our Brain & Body works during Digital Detox
Digital Detox
1) What made you try out a digital detox?
Being a blogger it is essential for me to be updated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Blog. And, every hour scrolling down all social media channels, and thinking about work, content & videos is what my daily routine!
So, a thought in my mind which actually motivated me to try out digital detox is that “Spending too much time on your phone for hours a day isn’t healthy at all.”
2) Could you please explain the nature of the detox? (Is it day to day tuning out for some time, or at a stretch)?
I have observed that the brain changes as you grow dependent upon technology. Keeping a distance from tech can free up some brain rhythms and let you get engaged with the activities which are not involved in the technology.
3) Did you face any difficulties initially?
No, actually because I was having a crystal clear picture in my head of what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to go in & yes I was ready for a digital detox.

4) How did you stay vigilant and ensure you didn’t go back to using the gadget?
The time when you are a digital detox you can actually focus on the real world much more that encourages you to enjoy social interactions in person rather than through a screen.
5) Did you notice a change after the detox?
Yes, that change after a detox I would define as I have decided not to use any device on my dining table, on shopping, not to check emails, Instagram & Facebook feeds every hour. And, the best thing which I have realized that dude, social media is not everything.
6) How did you determine you needed a detox?
I spent most of my hours flipping from one device to another device and from one app to another app. I used to pride myself on being a multi-tasker and thinking that this is great. But working for hours & hours in a day and then feeling asleep is not a good idea. So, I jumped for a digital detox to reduce the stress, to increase the sense of calm, for better sleep and a sense of freedom.

7) How did you spend your time during the detox?
I went on a digital detox in the month of April’17 for 8 days. And, in that period, I decided to go for a Leh-Ladakh trip and I chose my husband as my detox buddy. I can say this trip was the best trip of my life yet. We enjoyed that place fully like a heaven. We were engaging with each other rather than communicating over our phones.
A Blogger & Social Media Influencer who loves to collaborate with brands to improve online awareness. She has a team of few young & enthusiastic individuals who are generating latest trending content around Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Food and much more across the world.

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Social Media Addiction! What Really Happens To You During A Digital Detox?

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