Things to Do to Live a Smarter Life for People Who Love to Travel

If you are like me, you too dream of saving money and travelling all around the world. But then follows another thought, a dreaded one – “How can I save the money to travel the world?”

While travelling is fun where you meet a lot of new people, let’s not forget that it also costs you a bomb, depending on where you are going and how far the place is from where you live.

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I have already talked about few things earlier in my blog post but I thought of adding value to the belief of travelling the world by saving money:

This post is about how you can manage to afford your own travels, by cutting down your domestic expenses by a lot. Every person is different and each one has their own thoughts and opinions on the matter. I hope that you will find these tips useful not only for long-term, round-the-world travel but for shorter trips as well.

‘I want to travel the world’, saying this isn’t enough. Am I right? Everyone should have a plan where they want to explore, when they are leaving for the trip, and how long they’d like to go for a trip! Answering these questions would help you to visualize your goal with an idea “How much money you will need for the trip”!


I know few people in my life who are living life with no burden. Yes! You have read it right. I am saying this from my experience because living asset-light won’t hurt your pocket if you are the kinds who always stay on the move. So, my mantra is simple – rent and move on. And, for that, we have an amazing solution “RentoMojo” where you can rent furniture, bikes, and appliances.

RentoMojo is an online furniture rental platform that was incorporated in November 2014 and currently operates in metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. There are so many young working professionals who are living in rented apartments and working for long hours. It is of huge inconvenience for working professionals to equip their apartment, paying such huge sum of money and bearing with many other costs of furnishing. RentoMojo came up with a one-stop solution by providing rental services which are a boon for people who are always on the move. It provides an alternative to buy and sell furniture in rental properties on RMI (Rental Monthly Instalments) as well.

How One Can Save by renting?

Spending so much money on furniture and appliances is not a good idea of investment as they are depreciating assets which reduce in value over time. So, RentoMojo is an easier solution which provides more than online rental services and helps you to explore a world while saving you lots of money. They also provide assured quality and prompt services, delivering smiles along with an easy subscription lifestyle in India.

Now say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying/selling and say hello to convenience because RentoMojo is here to set up your home that will perfectly match your home décor needs with no hassle.

I am sure, all my readers are agreeing with my point of renting furniture, bikes, and appliances and saving a lot of money to travel the world.

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Things to Do to Live a Smarter Life for People Who Love to Travel

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