Top 10 Apps You Must Have If You Are Travelling The World


It is a great mapping app, it helps to find us on its GPS and even showed dirt trails. You must download maps for the region before going. Google maps are great too, but it does not work everywhere. Example china.

2. Couchsurfing-

This takes a bit of effort but once you build a profile and get a few references you can more easily connect with new friends around the world and crash on their couches for free. If you are not traveling yet, it is a great opportunity to let someone crash on your couch and start making friends early.

3. Airbnb-

Many times cheaper than hostels, depending on the city. If you have a group you can split an entire place for very little money. People rent out spare rooms in their house, apartment or sometimes have an entire apartment just to put on the site. Very convenient and easy to use.

4. Hostel world

Simple app to find a hostel in your region, you can look for the cheapest or maybe the one with a vibe that you might be into. There are party hostels, hippy hostels, or very clean basic hostels, whatever you’re in the mood for that day. Many times they have private rooms for a bit more money but if budget is your concern it’s hard to beat a simple clean hostel in a mixed dorm. Just make sure you bring some earplugs and maybe an eye mask.

5. Rome2rio

It is the perfect travel buddy! This app helps you to get from point A to point B in any part of the world, by searching all the local modes of transport and multi-modal routes. Whether it’s by plane, train, bus, taxi, foot, ferry or a mix of a few, Rome2rio helps you discover all the options with price and time estimates as well. Enter any address or destination and the app will display all your transport options so you can compare and choose what best suits your budget and travel style. Extra bonus, it provides you the booking details and suggested activities in the area too!


6. Audible

Download audio books, some flights, and layovers can go on forever; a good book can really save your life.

7. Whats app

It’s a messaging app, many countries use their own such as Keio talk or line, but the most common one seems to be whats app. As long as u have wifi, u can message anyone else in the world that also has this app.

8. Unit converter & Banking apps-

Simple converters are great, but the unit converter app Hitomi uses is the king. Convert weight, currency, fuel, temperature… almost anything u can think of. Banking and credit card apps can make it easier to change your travel notifications and pay your bill on the go. Make sure u pay attention to the country your card is set in, in order to avoid the foreign transaction fees

9. Venmo-

I’m not sure if this applies to countries aside from the US, but I think it may. This is a money wiring app that is connected to your checking account. It is incredibly helpful if traveling with a partner, splitting meals, rooms, anything really.

10. Momondo

So far the cheapest way to find flights. If your schedule is flexible, (which it should be for an RTW trip), it can benefit greatly to see the surrounding days around the one u plan on flying. There might be a flight that is 50$ cheaper, 3 days early, it’s worth making the schedule change.

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Top 10 Apps You Must Have If You Are Travelling The World

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