Top 10 Website You Must Know If You Are Travelling The World


Our style of traveling is called vagabonding. It comes from a book written by Rolf Potts a travel writer and budget travel expert. Vagabonding is traveling with maximum flexibility, to truly go with the flow. Rolf’s book is amazing and his website has tons of resources to help you as you travel around the world.


For having only learned about it this year, Workaway has been the biggest part of this trip so far. Helping us connect with locals in a more intimate way, you work in exchange for accommodation and sometimes food depending on the host. It makes it much easier for long-term travel. With accommodation being one of the costliest parts of travel, it’s well worth the 30$ a year.

3. Helpx

Similar to Workaway, but less pretty. You can also find great unique jobs in exchange for accommodation. This one is a bit cheaper at 20$/yr

4. Kayak Explore

As vagabonds, we can basically go wherever the wind takes us. Kayak explore feature allows us to find out what flight routes are cheapest at any given month. You simply type in the departure point and the price window. It will show u all the flights in your price range. We generally choose the cheapest and go!

5. Airbnb

This is a great site to avoid expensive hotels and guesthouses, people can pick from apartments or even entire houses to rent straight from the owner. In the picture below, my friends and I visited Nicaragua and stayed in a huge beachfront house for 6 days, only paying about 80USD each. There were even an extra bed and 2 unused hammocks. :0

6. YouTube

Never underestimates what you can learn from YouTube. Whether it’s packing, regional history or top 10 things to do, YouTube has you covered. There are many rounds the world backpackers with channels you can learn from.

7. Lonely planet

Popular travel guidebooks have a lot of useful info on their site, safety, health and visa requirements can usually be found here really fast.

8. Reddit r/travel

If you are unfamiliar with Reddit, it is a user submitted site where the best posts are voted to the top and the worst at buried. This site has subdivisions called subreddits, these have an endless amount of info. Just search travel, backpacking, RTW, whatever you can think of is likely to have a thread. This is where I find most of the credit card hacks I use in order to get frequent flyer miles.

9. Life Hacker

A tricks and tips site that always has tons of suggestions for you on coming up with creative uses for everyday items. This site will help you organize and reduce the amount of junk in your backpack, camping hacks are always good.

10. Netflix

Lifesaver, also new to us, Cine-box. Movie and TV streaming.

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Top 10 Website You Must Know If You Are Travelling The World

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